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The One Where Joey Moves Out
Another DAYS OF OUR LIVES actor is moving to a new two-bedroom apartment and encourages Joey to take over his place. Chandler is stunned when Joey explains that he wants to move out on his own, now that he's 28 and making good money. They play a game of foosball to decide who gets to keep the table they bought together and Joey wins, but decides to leave it for Chandler anyway. Meanwhile, the Gellers have a party for Jack's birthday to which they invite Ross and Monica ... and (their friend) Dr. Burke, who is rumored to have a "twinkie" in the city. (The men at the party want to hear graphic details, especially Mr. Geller!) Dr. Burke (also known as Richard) and Monica eventually confess that Monica is the "twinkie." And Rachel and Phoebe are going to get tattooed; then Ross says he thinks tattoos are gross, which prompts Rachel to re-think it. Phoebe persuades her not to let "Ross be the boss," then Phoebe herself chickens out. Luckily, Ross is surprised to find that he thinks Rachel's tattoo is really sexy.
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