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The One With The Free Porn
Emily must go back to London, and Ross doesn't know what to do. When Monica convinces him to dash off to the airport, meet Emily at the gate, and pledge his love to her, the plan backfires on Ross -- Emily replies "thank you" and then gets on the plane. Monica, being the romantic that she is, encourages her broken-hearted brother not to give up hope. But, when Emily calls Ross, she reveals that there's "another man" in London. On a whim, Ross flies to London to fight for his girl. In the meantime, Emily shows up at the boys' apartment in search of Ross. While waiting outside of Emily's flat, Ross overhears a message playing on Emily's answering machine. As it turns out, Emily calls herself knowing that Ross may be listening and pledges her love for him as well. Ross calls Emily from a pay phone and says 'thank you." Meanwhile, the boys discover an X-rated channel on cable and decide not to turn the TV off, for fear of losing the free peep show. Phoebe learns that she's carrying triplets. Frank and Alice, who are initially thrilled at the idea, begin to panic when Phoebe reminds them of the great financial burden this will pose. In an effort to help, Phoebe contrives a plan for her and Frank to make extra money -- she'll massage people in the back of her old catering van while Frank drives-, hence, the "relaxi taxi."
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