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The One Where Everybody Finds Out
Ross decides it's time to get his life together, and plans to get his own apartment. Incredibly, Ugly Naked Guy is moving and his apartment's available. So Ross, Phoebe and Rachel go over to take a look. While they're there, Phoebe and Rachel spot Monica and Chandler across the way, and Phoebe finds out what's going on. Rachel and Phoebe decide to mess with Chandler and Monica, so Phoebe pretends to have a crush on him. Monica realizes the only explanation for Phoebe's sudden attraction is that she knows about Monica and Chandler. So they decide to have a little fun of their own, and Monica makes Chandler play along with Phoebe and her advances. Phoebe and Rachel eventually realize that Monica and Chandler must know that they know, so they push the envelope further, trying to get the two to confess. Phoebe suggests she and Chandler get together at his place and have sex, and Chandler, under Monica's guidance, agrees. Phoebe comes over to the apartment, where Monica is hiding in the bathroom, and begins the seduction. When it becomes apparent that neither is going to back down, Chandler retreats to the bathroom where Monica gives him a pep talk. Phoebe runs out to the hallway, where Rachel and Joey are listening at the door. Panicked that she hasn't broken Chandler yet, she asks for their help. Joey, in one swift motion undoes her blouse to reveal her bra, saying that bras frighten Chandler. Phoebe and Chandler return to the living room, both determined to win this battle of wills. As they force themselves into a painful, awkward kiss, Chandler finally jumps away from her, saying he can't have sex with her, because he's in love with Monica. Monica then tells him she loves him too, and the two share their first kiss in full view of their friends. Meanwhile, Ross takes desperate measures to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, and then invites his boss over to show him how stable he is, in hopes of going back to work. But just as his boss is about to welcome him back, Ross looks out the window and spots Monica and Chandler together in her apartment, and loses it when he realizes what's going on.
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