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The One With The Nap Partners
Joey and Ross fall asleep side-by-side after watching a movie together. When they awake they realize that they both had the best nap ever. Joey continues to try to get Ross to take a nap with him again, but Ross is embarrassed and doesn't want to discuss it. Monica tells Rachel and Phoebe they have to choose which one of them should be her maid of honor. They decide to have Ross and Joey choose for them instead. The guys hold a maid of honor audition where they give Rachel and Phoebe hypothetical maid of honor situations and judge them on their performances. Phoebe wins the role, but in the end she realizes that Rachel wants it more, so she lets her do it. Monica bumps into Chandler's ex-girlfriend Julie at lunch. She discovers that he broke up with Julie because she got fat. Worried that someday Chandler might break up with her if she gets fat again, Monica makes him apologize to the woman.
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