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The One With Barry And Mindy's Wedding
The time has come for Barry and Mindy's wedding, and Rachel must make good on her agreement to be Maid of Honor. To make matters worse, when Rachel walks down the aisle, the back of her hideous dress is tucked into her pantyhose. To top it off, Barry's parents told everyone that the reason Rachel didn't go through with the marriage to their son was because a brain fungus made her insane. When Rachel is dissed once again in the best man's toast, Ross stands up and defends her. Rachel is angry and embarrassed (he made kind of a fool of himself) but finally confronts her own fears by grabbing the mic and singing the "Copacabana" song. Meanwhile, Monica and Richard talk about their futures. They both see themselves together but Monica's vision has kids in it and his doesn't. After much thought, he decides he wouldn't mind having children with her, but she wants children with someone who wants them. And Joey tries out for a small part in a Warren Beatty movie and has to kiss a guy. Beatty proclaims Joey a "Good actor, bad kisser," which the gang ascribes to the fact that Joey isn't used to kissing men. Beatty wants to see the kiss again in a few days so, in the meantime, Joey tries unsuccessfully to get the guys to help him practice. And Chandler falls in love with a woman on the Internet and things progress nicely until the woman says she is married (her husband's having an affair). Chandler reluctantly agrees to meet her, even though it seems like he's bound to get hurt. When she comes into the coffeehouse she turns out to be... Janice.
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