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The One with the Pediatrician
Chandler and Monica announce their plans to move to Oklahoma. Monica contacts a restaurant head-hunter to see if there's a chef position in Tulsa, and ends up getting a great offer for a position in New York. She decides to take it, so Chandler arranges to spend just 4 days a week in Tulsa. Joey can't get over the fact that Emma's pediatrician is named Dr. Weiner. Phoebe and Joey agree to set each up with dates; Joey forgets, but lies that he's set her up with someone named Mike; then he has to find someone to fit the bill. Phoebe finds out the truth and leaves, but later Mike finds her at the coffee house and they arrange to go out again. Rachel abuses Emma's pediatrician too much, so she has to find a new one; she goes to Ross's old pediatrician (Dr. Gettleman) only to discover that "Rossy" still goes there, as well.
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