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The One Hundredth
The gang arrives at the hospital, where Phoebe is ushered into a delivery room. Joey mans the video camera and narrates the birth, until he begins having abdominal pains. Frank Jr. arrives but Alice is still on her way from Delaware and Phoebe's regular doctor can't come, so instead Dr. Harad steps in, who randomly turns out to be a huge Fonzie fan. Phoebe asks Rachel to feel out Frank Jr. about letting her keep one of the babies. Rachel makes a date with a couple of cute male nurses for she and Monica. As Monica squirms trying to get out of it without revealing her relationship with Chandler, he tries to buffer his ego by saying that she can go out with whoever she wants, since they're just "goofing around." Stung by his remark, Monica agrees to go out with nurse Dan. Chandler becomes jealous, but is unable to tell Monica. Phoebe and Joey both experience "contractions" and Joey is diagnosed with kidney stones. Phoebe delivers the babies, first a boy, Frank Jr. Jr., then a girl, Leslie, and then ... another girl, Chandler. The ultra-sound was obviously wrong, and baby Chandler is not a boy as expected, yet Frank and Alice decide to let the name stand. Meanwhile, Ross comforts Joey as he prepares to pass his kidney stones. Chandler finally comes clean with Monica, revealing that when he said "goofing around" he really meant something much more significant. We see that the two really care about each other, even though the relationship is seemingly only about sex. Phoebe has a moment alone with the babies, and we see how difficult it is for her to give them up.
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