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The One With The Screamer
It's opening night of Joey's play and all the friends are going. When Rachel learns that Ross is bringing a date she rushes to find one. At the theater, everyone excuses themselves to the rest room leaving Ross alone with Rachel's date, Tommy. Tommy then berates an older couple for sitting in the wrong seat. Ross tries to tell everyone about Tommy's temper but they don't believe him. The show gets a terrible review and the director is destroyed. He denounces the actors and breaks up with Kate. Joey comforts Kate and the two have a wonderful evening together. Joey's in heaven, but when he returns to the theater Kate isn't there. Joey learns that Kate has landed a part on a soap opera and is moving to Los Angeles. Kate shows up for a quick good-bye and leaves Joey heartbroken. Tommy screams at Ross again when he almost spills coffee on him outside the coffee house; however, the rest of the friends were inside and didn't see a thing. No one believes Ross until they catch Tommy, thinking he's alone in Chandler's apartment, yelling at the chick for relieving himself on Tommy's hand. Phoebe misses Joey's performance because she's stuck on what she believes is a toll-free customer service line that provides no service and ends up being a long-distance call to Utah.
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