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The One With Ross's Wedding (Part 1)
The wedding is off to a rocky start - both the flowers and the food aren't turning out exactly as planned. But, when Ross and Emily discover that the church where they were supposed to get married has been prematurely demolished, Emily really freaks out. In an attempt to calm her down, Monica suggests to Emily that she and Ross postpone the wedding so that they can take their time and do things right. When Emily confronts Ross with the idea, he loses it and gives her an ultimatum: now or never. Shocked that her fiance would even say such a thing, Emily walks out on Ross and calls the wedding off. Later, Ross rinds Emily perched upon the rubble of the church. He apologizes for his harsh words, and promises her that he'll wait forever for her as long as they can be together. In the end, Ross and Emily decide to go through with the marriage at the church ... or atop whatever is left of it. Meanwhile, Joey has a blast touring London...that is until he suddenly becomes home sick. While admitting her guilt for missing Ross' wedding, Rachel declares her love for Ross to an already aware Phoebe ... who then proceeds to inform Rachel that everyone knows she's still in love with Ross. When Rachel decides to fly to London to profess her undying love, Phoebe begs her not to go and selfishly ruin Ross' wedding ... to no avail. To be continued...
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