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The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs
It's Thanksgiving Day and Monica is fixing dinner. Phoebe tried to sneak out to walk Clunkers, a dog she has been keeping in Monica and Chandler's apartment for the past three days without their knowledge, but is caught in the act. Monica believes Chandler is allergic to dogs and tells Phoebe the dog must go. Chandler confesses he is not allergic, but just doesn't like dogs. Phoebe and Monica take Clunkers over to Ross's, but can't bring themselves to leave him. Chandler feels bad about making Monica get rid of the dog, so he goes over to Ross's to retrieve it. When Chandler can't find Clunkers in Ross's apartment he believes he is responsible for loosing him. Rachel invites Tag, her assistant over for Thanksgiving dinner. She wants to make a move on Tag when she discovers that his girlfriend broke up with him, but everyone, except Joey, warns Rachel that that's a bad idea. She decides to take their advice and just be a friend to Tag, but Joey ends up mistaking a friendly hug between Tag and Rachel for a romantic hug and spills the beans. In the end, Rachel admits she is attracted to Tag and discovers that he feels the same way.
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