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The One In Vegas Part 1
Since Joey still won't speak to Chandler on the phone, Chandler and the gang decide to head to Vegas. Chandler, Monica and Phoebe arrive to find Joey in his Caesar's getup, and he confesses that the movie didn't work out. Phoebe lets it slip that Monica had lunch with Richard, which throws Chandler into a tailspin, believing she still has feelings for Richard or she would have told Chandler herself. Phoebe plays the slots and has to deal with "lurkers," old people who wait for people to play a bunch of money on a machine without winning, until they give up and move on, then the old person will jump on the machine and hit the jackpot. Joey discovers one of the dealers is his identical hand twin and is determined they can make a living as a novelty act. Ross catches Rachel dancing around naked in her empty apartment, and thinks she's trying to seduce- him. When he confronts her, she ridicules him, setting the mood for their flight together to Vegas. They spend the flight bickering, then try to outdo one another by embarrassing each other. Ultimately, Ross draws on Rachel's face while she's asleep, unbeknownst to her.
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