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The One With The Holiday Armadillo
When Monica and Chandler have trouble getting a table at a restaurant, Monica encourages Chandler to slip the Maitre D' a twenty-dollar bill. Chandler has difficulty tipping in this discreet fashion. Monica tried to teach him, but with no success. Ross has Ben for the holidays and wants to teach him about Chanukah. Ben is only interested in Santa Claus coming to visit. When Ross can't find a Santa suit to rent, he ends up getting an armadillo costume and shows up as the "Holiday Armadillo," with a message about Chanukah. Unfortunately for Ross, Chandler shows up as Santa Claus and takes all Ben's attention away. Luckily Santa Chandler persuades Ben to listen to the Holiday Armadillo teach him the history of Chanukah. Phoebe's apartment has finally been refurbished after the fire last year and she is ready to move back in. She is afraid that Rachel is having too much fun living with Joey and won't want to live with her. So she tried to make Joey's apartment as undesirable as possible by giving Joey a drum set, etc. In the end, the apartment was converted back to a one bedroom so Rachel ends up staying with Joey.
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