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The One With The Candy Hearts
Joey convinces Chandler to double date with him, and as Chandler's bad luck would have it, his date turns out to be Janice. Chandler and Janice get drunk and sleep together, and when Chandler tries to break up with her, yet again, she horrifies him by responding that she's okay with it, because she knows they are each other's "destiny." Meanwhile, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe have a "Bad Boyfriend Cleansing Ritual," in which they burn all reminders of their bad ex-boyfriends. The fire gets out of control, and three firemen come save the day. Three women, three firemen and dates are made. Little do the women know the guys are all jerks. Across town Ross and Kristen, his first date in nine years, run into Carol and Susan at a restaurant. When Susan is called away, Ross invites Carol to join them, and the two of them wind up driving Kristen away with their reminiscing.
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