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The One With Rachel's Assistant
Rachel is promoted at work and is able to hire a new assistant. She interviews a very attractive young man named Tag. Phoebe warns her that she should not hire Tag because she is attracted to him, but should hire the best candidate. Rachel ends up giving in to her desires and makes Tag her new assistant. Monica and Chandler decide that people who are getting married should have no secrets, so Chandler tells Monica a very embarrassing story about Ross. When Ross discovers that Chandler told Monica his deep, dark secret, he tells Chandler a big secret to Monica to get him back. The three of them end up telling each other more than they ever wanted to know about one another. Somewhat disturbed by all this personal information, Monica and Chandler agree that maybe they shouldn't share all of their secrets. Joey has a meeting at "Days of Our Lives" for the part of Drake Ramoray's twin brother, but when they ask him to audition, he walks out of the meeting. Later, Joey finds out his TV series "Mac and Cheese" is cancelled and he must go back to "Days" and beg for the chance to audition.
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