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The One With Ross's Wedding Part 2
Phoebe frantically attempts to track down her friends to warn them that Rachel is on her way to disrupt the ceremony. When she finally reaches Joey, he alerts the others and they all take turns watching for Rachel at the church. When Joey can't help himself and ends up making out with a bridesmaid (who also happens to cure his home sickness), Rachel sneaks by everyone and approaches the very loving, very intimate couple. Upon realizing how happy and truly in love Ross is, Rachel takes the high road and congratulates the soon-to-be newlyweds instead of admitting her feelings. Finally, while exchanging vows with Emily, Ross makes the enormous mistake of uttering "I take thee Rachel." The church is silenced in horror! Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler have a little too much to drink at the rehearsal dinner and wind up sleeping together. To be continued...
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