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The One With The Fake Party
In an act of desperation, Rachel hastily throws together a going away party for Emily as an excuse to invite Joshua over. Even though Ross has a romantic evening planned for his last night with her, Emily enjoys the party and doesn't want to leave. Rachel spends the evening persuading Joshua to stay by performing one humiliating stunt after the other. When Rachel confesses to Joshua that she's only trying to seduce him he reveals that the feeling is mutual ... except for the fact that he's just getting over a divorce and it's too soon for him start dating again. When Joshua leaves, Rachel sulks to Ross who is also disappointed - his big night with Emily was ruined. Rachel reminds Ross that the night is still young. Just then, Joshua reappears and Rachel invites him in for coffee and... Meanwhile, Phoebe is convinced that the baby needs meat because all other foods are making her nauseous. When she can no longer resist the temptation, Phoebe makes a deal with Joey if he abstains from eating meat for the rest of her pregnancy, than Phoebe can cat his meat and it won't be so wrong.
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