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The One with the Mugging
Chandler gets an internship in advertising. At first his age seems to be a problem, relative to all the young college kids. But his age and experience gives him a perspective that serves him well, even in marketing products to teenagers. Joey gets a audition for a broadway play; at first he's terrible, but later (when he really needs to go to the bathroom) his nervous energy impresses the producers and star, and he gets the part. Phoebe and Ross get mugged, but it turns out Phoebe knows the mugger from her days on the streets, when she occassionally mugged people, too. This reminds Ross of the time he was mugged as a child; Phoebe realizes she was the one who mugged him all those years ago. He's very upset about it, until she returns his childhood home-made comic book, "Science Boy."
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