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The One With The Ring
Phoebe helps Chandler pick out an engagement ring for Monica. After finding the perfect ring, Chandler realizes he doesn't have his credit card with him. Chandler leaves Phoebe to guard the ring while he's gone. She is having so much fun trying on jewels that she doesn't notice that the ring is sold to another customer until it's too late. Chandler settles for another ring, but won't be happy until he gets the perfect Monica ring back. Luckily, Phoebe overheard the name of the restaurant where the man was planning to propose. Chandler and Phoebe race to the restaurant and end up talking the man into trading rings with Chandler. Meanwhile, Rachel wants Paul to share his feelings with her. When she finally gets him to open up, he can't stop. Rachel can't take anymore of Paul's crying and blubbering and ultimately breaks up with him. Ross and Joey believe Chandler is mad at them for not being invited to a Knicks game. They decide to give Chandler the "freeze out" to get him to talk to them about it. When they discover that the reason Chandler has been so distant is because he was searching for an engagement ring for Monica, all is forgiven
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