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The One With Two Parts, Part I
Chandler and Joey meet Phoebe's twin sister, Ursula, to whom Phoebe hasn't spoken in years due to their past rivalry. Joey thinks Ursula is "hot," and he asks Phoebe's permission to ask her out. Phoebe gives him the go-ahead at first but then changes her mind. When Ursula decides she's over Joey, she simply stops returning his calls. Meanwhile, Chandler has the hots for a woman at work, Nina, but is told to fire her before he gets a chance to ask her out. Things get out of control when he postpones the "firing part" and gets right to the dating part." Ross, Carol and Susan start LaMaze and Ross freaks out when the concept of "Being a Father" starts to sink in. And Rachel falls off the roof when she is taking the Christmas lights down. Luckily, her foot gets tangled in the wires, so she doesn't hit the ground.
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