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The One On The Last Night
The night before Monica and Chandler move in together, the girls plan a night out on the town, but their plans fall apart when they discover that Rachel has not even begun to pack. Chandler and Joey quickly escape, but Ross must come up with an elaborate scheme involving a "fake Ben" to get out of helping to pack. While packing, Phoebe becomes annoyed with Monica and Rachel because they are so upset about the impending move that they aren't having any of the fun they originally intended. In efforts to lighten the mood, she asks them to think of something they won't miss about the other. They start cautiously, but then they begin to insult each other and it gets ugly. Phoebe regrets her decision to live with Rachel because of the way Monica and her are treating each other and doesn't know if she should move in. However, when Monica lists all the qualities about Rachel that she loves, Phoebe quickly changes her mind. Joey and Chandler's big plan for the last night is to just hang out. Chandler however, has his own agenda. He wants to somehow give Joey $1500 to help him out with rent, bills, etc. for a few months, knowing Joey won't accept charity. So, Chandler suggests playing foosball for money. The plan backfires when Joey loses the game by scoring on himself. Desperate to give him the money, Chandler invents the game of "Cups" to make Joey a sure winner. This too backfires when Joey loses that money to Ross.
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