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The Secret Code
While George balks at giving his secret bank code to Susan, Jerry is hired to do a commercial for appliance dealer Leapin' Larry. However, when Jerry's foot falls asleep during their first meeting, the one-legged Larry is sure he's being cruelly mocked. And when Jerry's friend Fred doesn't remember her from a party, Elaine wants to know why, while Kramer's fascination with firefighters leads him to buy an emergency scanner. Meanwhile, in hopes of salvaging an evening with Elaine and her boss, clothing catalog legend J. Peterman, Jerry tricks George into joining them. When Elaine gets another offer from Fred, she calls Peterman to cancel ... but not Jerry and George. So when Jerry comes up with an excuse, too, George ends up at a hospital with Peterman's dying mother, where his bank code becomes her final word. Stranded by Elaine once again at the funeral, George is left with Peterman, who's intent on uncovering the meaning behind his mother's dying words. Meanwhile, after apologizing to Leapin' Larry, Jerry accidentally sets his appliance store ablaze and unknowingly helps Kramer realize a lifelong dream of driving a hook and ladder truck. Told of a fire at Leapin' Larry's, Peterman takes George to see if they can help. Spotting someone with his sleeve stuck in the burning building's automated teller machine, Peterman demands George's secret bank code to help rescue the endangered man. And upon learning that the code and his mother's dying words are one and the same, he accuses George of killing her. Finally, other than satisfying her curiosity, Elaine realizes that dating Fred was a big mistake.
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