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The One With The Worst Best Man Ever
When a disappointed Joey finds out that Ross chose Chandler to be his best man again, Chandler quickly makes up for it by telling Joey that he can be his best man when he gets married. Ross is shocked and upset to hear the after asking Chandler twice to stand by his side, now Joey gets to be his best man?! Ross revokes his offer to Chandler and asks a thrilled Joey to do the honors this time around. Chandler, who was just trying to make the best of an awkward moment, is crushed. Later, at the bachelor party, Joey hits it off with the stripper and wakes up in the morning, alone, to find that the wedding ring Ross had entrusted him with is missing. As it turns out, the stripper didn't take the ring at all ... the duck ate it. A humiliated Joey decides that he is no longer worthy of being Ross' best man and offer's the job back to Chandler. After the two go back and forth about who should be the best man, Ross resolves everything by asking them both to do the job. The guys share a tearful moment or heart-felt friendship ... and then call each other babies. Meanwhile, Phoebe's been a little...a lot on edge lately thanks to her hormones raging from the pregnancy. The girls do everything they can to make her happy, but just about any little thing sets Phoebe off. When Monica and Rachel throw her a baby shower,' Phoebe can't help but feel sad about not getting to raise the triplets. After the girls remind her that she gets to be "Cool Aunt Phoebe" who never has to worry about scolding the kids and having them hate her for it, Phoebe realizes that everything will work out great.
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