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The One With The Yeti
While Monica and Rachel are searching for the mini-waffle iron in their storage room, they are startled by a strange-looking wilderness man with a long beard and shaggy hair. Believing him to be bigfoot or a yeti, they unleash the bug fogger on him and flea the scene. Telling their tale of danger to the gang at the coffee shop, Joey tells them they just fogged Danny, a new tenant in their building who just returned from spending two months trekking around the Andes. The girls shamefully return to the apartment and go to apologize to Danny. He seems reluctant to accept their apologies which eggs them on further until they finally give up, chalking him up to unfriendly. A few days later, Rachel comes home to find a handsome man in the mail room of the apartment building, who is a shaven and shorn Danny. Seeing her shopping bags and Saks catalog, he assumes she's all about surface appearances. Enraged by his snap judgement, she angrily confronts him at his apartment and the two end up going out for pizza. Meanwhile, Ross agrees to more of Emily's demands, selling all his furniture since it's been "Rachel-ized". But that's not enough for Emily to feel secure, so he agrees to move to a new apartment, all the way uptown. Joey has trouble concealing his feelings, and eventually tells Ross that Emily is asking way too much and that they all hate her. Ross, stunned by his friends betrayal, leaves. The gang returns later in an attempt to reconcile, and Ross says how much he needed his friends to be there for him right now. Feeling terrible, Monica insists they all come over to her apartment and have dinner together. Rachel comes in later from her dinner with Danny, and proceeds to her bedroom, not wanting to infringe on the gathering while Ross is there. Ross insists that she stay, however, and then Emily calls and discovers that Rachel is there. Ross pleads with her to come to New York anyway, that Rachel is only a friend and there is nothing going on. Emily agrees, saying she'll feel better once she can know where he is every minute. Ross asks her if she'll ever be able to trust him, because that's essential if their marriage is going to work, and Emily admits that she doesn't think she will, thus ending their marriage.
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