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Dammit Janet
Lois notices that Stewie is having a hard time socializing with other kids his age, so she decides to put him in daycare with other kids. Stewie is, at first, horrified by daycare, but then he meets a pretty girl named Janet and learns what a serious crush feels like. He woos her, and has a mostly one-sided relationship which ends when he catches her eating some other boy's cookie. He tries to be strong, but ends up groveling to get her back, and then finally realizes that she was just using him for his cookies. Meanwhile, Lois is bored without Stewie to take care of, so she gets a job as a flight attendant. Peter, initially against Lois getting a job, is all for it because then he can fly free. Lois is miserable at her job, but Peter encourages her to keep it up because he is enjoying flying all over the world and making ridiculous demands from other flight attendants. Finally, Lois and Peter end up on the same flight, and Lois busts Peter making an ass of himself. She takes him into a bathroom to yell at him, and the plane gets hijacked. They end up stuck in Cuba without passports, and get on a raft with a bunch of Cuban refugees to get back to the U.S.
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