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The One with Princess Consuela
Rachel's lunch interview with Gucci turns out to be right next to her current boss's table. She doesn't get the new job; she loses her current one. Meanwhile, Ross is given tenure at his job and his happiness makes Rachel's misfortune even harder to bear. While moving her stuff out of Ralph Lauren, she bumps into Mark (who caused all the jealousy seven years earlier); he now works at Louis Vuitton and once again knows of a possible job opening for her. Phoebe contemplates changing her surname to Hanigan. Once she find's out she can change her name to anything she wants, she chooses Princes Consuela Bananahammock, leading Mike to threaten to change his name to Crap Bag. Monica and Chandler take Joey to see their new house. He tries to convince them not to go through with the purchase, until the little girl that lives there helps him understand. Rachel gets a job offer... in Paris.
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