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The One With All The Kissing
Rachel returns from Ross's honeymoon in Athens proclaiming to him what a wonderful time she had. Once he's out of the room, however, she confesses that it was horrendous. Ross still has not found Emily, and Phoebe is feeling left out as everyone else reminisces about London. Chandler accidentally kisses Monica goodbye in front of Rachel and Phoebe, then kisses both of them on the lips as he tries to cover. Monica surmises to the other girls that it must be some European thing he picked up in London. Ross is miserable since he still hasn't heard from Emily, and the two dozen roses he sent to her parent's house come back as mulch. Rachel decides she must tell Ross that she still loves him much to the chagrin of Monica and everyone else. Chandler continues to kiss all the girls goodbye, until Rachel confronts him about it at the coffee shop and insists that he stop. Rachel asks Phoebe to take over her dating decisions, but she refuses and the duty falls to Monica. Monica insists that Rachel go talk to Dave, a handsome man at the coffee shop. Rachel goes out on a date with Dave, but ditches him when she returns to the apartment to find Ross there, crying over his mulched-roses. Monica returns home to find Rachel comforting Ross, and quickly convinces Ross to go out and continue his search for Emily. But Rachel tracks Ross down at the coffee shop, and finally tells him that she still loves him. As he sits stunned, she bursts out laughing, finally realizing how ridiculous she sounds now that Ross is married to Emily. In an attempt to make up for excluding her with all their stories about London, the gang decides to take Phoebe to Atlantic City, but just as they're leaving, Phoebe's water breaks and they have to rush to the hospital.
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