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The One With All The Resolutions
It's New Year's and all the friends make resolutions. Rachel resolves to gossip less, Chandler resolves to stop making fun of people all the time, Ross resolves to do something new every day. As part of his resolution, Ross asks a woman out at Central Perk. The next day, he buys a pair of leather pants, and decides to wear them for his date. The two watch a movie at her apartment, where Ross is burning up because the leather pants are so hot. He excuses himself to the bathroom where he takes the pants off, trying to cool himself down. But when he tries to put the pants back on, he finds they won't fit. Either they shrunk from the sweat, or his legs expanded from the cool air. He calls Chandler for help, but Joey is the only one around. Joey tells Ross to try baby powder to soak up the sweat, then lotion to slick himself down, but neither works. Ross finally has to come out of the bathroom, holding his pants. His date throws him out and he turns up at Monica and Rachel's apartment, sans pants. Meanwhile, Rachel overhears Chandler and Monica on the phone, and discovers their secret. She tries to tell Joey, but he doesn't want to hear it, claiming he already has enough stuff that he knows but he can't talk about. Rachel takes drastic action, telling Joey she's going into Chandler's bedroom to get a book. Joey realizes what the ramifications could be, and tries to discourage her. Finally the two realize that they know the same secret.
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