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The One That Could Have Been Part I
The gang is hanging out at the coffeehouse and they begin to discuss what their lives would be like if they had chosen a different path. When the show opens, we discover that Rachel is married Barry, Ross is still married to Carol, Monica never lost any weight, Phoebe works for Merrill Lynch, Chandler is an unsuccessful writer and Joey is still playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on "Days of Our Lives." Ross bumps into Rachel on the street having not seen her since high school, and he takes her to the coffeehouse to meet the gang. A fat Monica is shocked and excited to see her long lost high school friend, but Rachel is much more interested in the soap opera star, Joey Tribianni. Joey sees what a fan Rachel is of "Days of Our Lives" and he invites her to visit the set while attempting to hit on her. Meanwhile, Chandler is an out of work writer and in order to make money he agrees to be Joey's personal assistant until his writing is published. Joey is so demanding that Chandler very quickly loses patience with him. Fortunately for Chandler, he sells a story to Archie comics and is able to quit his job. Phoebe's job at Merrill Lynch becomes increasingly stressful when she loses the company millions of dollars. The anxiety causes her to have a heart attack and sends her to the hospital for a few days. While there, Monica and Chandler learn that Phoebe has lost her job, but plan to keep the news from her. To be continued...
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