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The One Where Ross Moves In
Ross gets evicted by Emily's cousin once their marriage is officially over, and moves in with Chandler and Joey. Their patience is tried early on by the massive amounts of boxes filling their apartment and Ross's insistence on "keeping it down," not to mention the air purifier. Rachel and Danny engage in head games, a struggle for power within their non-relationship. He throws a house warming party and invites Monica and Rachel at the last minute. Rachel says she can't go because she has a regatta gala to go to. She confesses to Monica that there is no gala, but she couldn't let Danny think she had nothing better to do than wait around for an invitation to his party. When Ross tapes over an SHOW of Baywatch with a bug special, Chandler and Joey decide he must go, and start not-so subtly hinting that he should look at apartments. They direct him toward a tiny, dingy apartment that is available immediately and has a bathtub in the kitchen. Realizing their real motivation, Ross agrees to apply for the apartment. Later, back at their apartment, Chandler and Joey feel terrible about how they pushed Ross, and decide to vindicate their actions when the apartment people call for references. Chandler tells them that Ross tap dances a lot and is actually a pimp called "pimpy." Ross gets turned down for the apartment and the guys beg him to stay with them when he says he's going to Phoebe's. Ross agrees, and promises to "keep down" his annoying habits. Rachel finagles her way through the crowd so that she can appear to be coming up the stairs, "on her way back from the regatta gala," when she runs into Danny and his party. Danny then introduces her to his friend Tom, who Rachel believes is another ploy of Danny's to throw her off. Monica shakes her head in disbelief at Rachel, believing she has created the entire situation in her head. Meanwhile, Phoebe dates a health inspector, Larry, who she met at Monica's restaurant . At first impressed by his power to close down restaurants that are violated, Phoebe soon finds that Larry has closed down nearly all of the gang's favorite restaurants and must make a choice when she brings him to Central Perk and the inevitable happens.
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