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The One Where Phoebe Runs
Rachel invites Phoebe to start running with her in the park. She regrets asking her as soon as she witnesses Phoebe's unique style of running, which is a cross between "Kermit the Frog and the Six Million-Dollar Man". Too embarrassed to run with Phoebe again, Rachel fakes an ankle injury. But when Phoebe catches her running in the park, Rachel must confess. In the end, Rachel is swayed by Phoebe's carefree attitude toward life and gives the crazy run a shot. Joey's new roommate, Janine moves into the apartment. He is very excited to be living with an Australian dancer and decides he wants to ask her out. Monica and Chandler try to discourage him by helping him see how uncomfortable it would be if it didn't work out because they are roommates. As time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult for Joey to restrain himself from flirting with his hot roommate. When he confronts Janine about his desires, Joey is disappointed by her response...She just wants to be friends. Meanwhile, Chandler has finished unpacking his things. He decides to clean the apartment to surprise Monica. Ross knows from his own experiences, that she freaks out when everything is not put back in its exact spot. Desperate to fix the apartment, Ross and Chandler use photos taken in the apartment from the photo album. After all their hard work, Monica is still able to tell that the apartment is not how she left it, but appreciates Chandler's efforts.
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