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The One With All The Rugby
Ross and Emily run into a couple of her friends from London - they invite Ross to partake in a "friendly" game of rugby the next day. Because one of the guys makes a point of mentioning his past fling with Emily, Ross feels determined to play and kick ass (particularly his ass!) While Emily warns Ross of the dangers of rugby, he goes for it anyway and nearly dies in the process. With a couple of pointers from his girl, Ross pulls some smooth moves and ends up proving himself with a vengeance. Ross realizes more than ever that he truly adores Emily and would do anything for her. Meanwhile, Chandler runs into a divorced Janice and she immediately assumes her old post as his obnoxious girlfriend. In an effort to get rid of her once and for all, Chandler lies and says he's relocating to Yemen for work. When Janice sees him off at the airport, Chandler must do one of two things: either fess-up or fly to Yemen ... he boards the plane. Monica tears the apartment apart while tracking an electrical wire that leads to a switch without an outlet.
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