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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Mike and Dave Stangle are young, fun-loving and have a history of drunken antics at family gatherings over the years. So when their sister Jeanie announces she's getting married, the family holds an intervention, demanding that Mike and Dave bring dates, thinking this will bring them in line. To fulfill their family's request Mike and Dave turn to the best source of respectable girls they can think of: Craigslist. They place an ad promising that their selected companions will receive an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii and the chance to participate in all of the wedding-related activities and the ad goes viral. Tatiana and Alice are two girls who are even wilder and raunchier than Mike and Dave, but they are up for a free Hawaiian vacation, so they pretend to meet the brothers by accident and charm their way into the winning spot as wedding dates. Inspired by a true story.
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