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The One Where They're Going To Party
Rachel decides to interview for a position as an assistant buyer, but Joanna, her bitter boss, ruins any chances Rachel had by lying about her character. When Rachel threatens to quit, Joanna creates an assistant buyer position for Rachel in her department instead. When she arrives at work the next day all ready to start her new position, Rachel discovers that Joanna died the night before ... of course the paperwork validating Rachel's promotion never went out. Meanwhile, Monica winds up getting a position as head chef at a local restaurant. Although Phoebe and Monica already bought a van for their catering business, Phoebe decides that Monica's happiness is more important than their joint business venture. The guys are all amped to party with their old buddy Gandolf, but he cancels at the last minute. When Joey suggests that they party without him, the evening ends short because everyone's too tired.
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