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The One with All the Thanksgiving
The gang is spread out in the living room, stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner. The conversation drifts back to the worst Thanksgivings they've had, from Chandler's dad divorcing his mom for the houseboy, to Phoebe's arm being blown off in a past life, to the time Joey got his head stuck in a raw turkey trying to scare Chandler. Rachel claims to know of Monica's worst Thanksgiving, in 1987, when Ross came home from college with Chandler. Monica, still in her fat phase, is immediately smitten with Chandler, who sports a "flock of seagulls" type hairdo. Ross tries to play it cool with Rachel, but his feelings are obvious. Monica overhears Chandler calling her fat, and is crushed. Back in the present, Chandler apologizes profusely to Monica, even though he doesn't remember saying that. Then Rachel admits that she was actually thinking of the next year's Thanksgiving in 1988, when Ross and Chandler again came home from college, this time sporting the Miami Vice look, and Monica had lost all the weight. Slinking her way across the living room, Monica shows off her new body to Chandler, trying to get him back for calling her fat. But it doesn't satisfy her need for revenge, so she plots with Rachel to pretend to seduce Chandler so that she can get him naked and throw him outside to be humiliated. The plan goes somewhat awry, and while she tries to be seductive in the kitchen, she inadvertently drops a cutting knife and chops off Chandler's little toe. At the hospital, the doctor discovers that Monica accidentally packed a piece of carrot in ice rather than Chandler's toe, so they are unable to reattach it. Back in the present, Chandler is outraged that he no longer has a little toe because he called Monica fat, and storms out. Monica, desperate to make amends, goes over to his apartment later, with a turkey stuck on her head. Chandler won't give, however, so Monica puts a hat on the turkey, then a pair of sunglasses, and finally starts doing a little dance for him. Chandler finally relents and laughs, admitting how great Monica is and that he loves her. Monica, her head still in the turkey, is stunned. Chandler immediately tries to cover up, but Monica knows what she heard. As Chandler denies it and Monica rubs it in, Joey comes walking up and is scared silly by the sight of Monica with her head in the turkey.
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