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The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss
Rachel interviews for her dream job at Ralph Lauren, and inadvertently kisses the interviewer when he leans in to shake her hand. When she is called back for a second interview, she worries that the man is not interested in her work, but rather believes that she will do anything to get the job. As she waits in the lobby for her second interview, she nervously taps a pen against her teeth, leaving a huge ink stain on her lip. When the interviewer subtly taps his own lip to tell Rachel about the ink, she assumes he's coming on to her. She gives him a piece of her mind and storms out of the office, only to return to the apartment and discover the stain. She returns to the interviewer one more time to plead her case and ends up getting the job. Meanwhile, Monica's competitive streak rears its head yet again when Phoebe says that she and her new boyfriend are in the hot phase of their relationship. Monica claims that she and Chandler are as hot as ever, and embarks on a ridiculous attempt to have more sex than Phoebe.
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