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The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey
Now that the whole gang knows about Monica and Chandler, they start teasing the couple about marriage and children, sending Chandler into a commitment phobic panic. He starts acting strangely with Monica, finally accusing her of having baby fever. Realizing that Chandler is still not ready for a real relationship, Monica walks out. Chandler seeks advice from Ross and Joey, who tell him to make a big statement. So Chandler comes to Monica's apartment where everyone is hanging out, and proposes to her. Monica sees through Chandler's desperate action and takes him back. Meanwhile, Joey is dating a girl of tiny stature (played by Soleil Moon-Frye), who has a habit of playfully punching him. The problem is, she's really hurting him. But no one believes Joey since the girl is so little. Finally, Joey decides he has to break up with her, so they meet at the coffee shop. Rachel also happens to be there, and the girl playfully punches her since she's Joey's friend. Rachel punches back, but to no avail. When the girl won't get the message, Rachel kicks her in the shin. Demanding Joey do something or she'll walk out the door, Joey sees an easy way out, and does nothing, thus ending his relationship with the little girl.
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