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Spring Wipeout: Ballsy Shows off His Giblets
"It's time to spring forward... let us worry about the falling back part," says host John Henson. Ballsy has been let loose in the "Wipeout" kitchen and has served up some interesting dishes for the contestants, including his World Famous Giblets! Contestants must first face the flipsy daisy, contend with the ever-popular Big Balls, and take a leap of faith on the spring fling before arriving at a smorgasbord of Ballsy's favorite delectables at the end of The Qualifier. The group is narrowed to six people on the Scareousel, followed up by the springtime in Paris challenge, where only three people who successfully jump and splatter across the city of lights will move on to the Spring Wipeout Zone for a chance to take home the $50,000 prize.
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