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Running Mates
Lois is running for school board unopposed, but when Peter's favorite old teacher is fired for being a wacko and Lois doesn't think he deserves his job back, Peter runs against her. Peter runs a dirty race, and ends up winning after publicizing a risque picture of Lois that she gave him for their anniversary. Meanwhile, Chris is busted peeping at girls in the locker room, so Peter gives him a collection of pornographic magazines so that he can look at those instead of the real thing. Peter seems to be making good changes to the Quahog school system, but then the pornographic magazines come to light. James Carville advises Peter to blame the magazines on his wife, and he starts to, but then can't go through with it. He ends up announcing that he did give Chris the magazines, and he loves his wife, and he resigns from the school board.
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