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Spring Wipeout: The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever
"Our obstacle course brings contestants to their knees. Or in this case... One knee. What 'Wipeout' has joined together, let no man separate...," says host John Henson. Talk about spring training! In an episode full of surprises at every turn, contestants -- including a ladies' man, a recording artist and the proposer -- face a fistful of troubles on The Qualifier before jumping over the Big Balls, taking a zip line run onto the Spring Fling and experiencing a blast of sugary delights to the face at the candy store in the Wipeout Kitchen. Follow that up with a grueling trip on the Scareousel, and only six people will compete on the all-new supertramp challenge. The three people with the best hurdling skills will then move on the Spring Wipeout Zone, where we'll see if one contestant will follow through with his promise to Jill by proposing to his girlfriend after winning $50,000.
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