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The One With The Kips
Ross makes several attempts to tell Rachel the deal he struck with Emily - she'll move to New York so long as he never sees Rachel again. The gang is all at Monica and Rachel's apartment when Ross decides to tell Rachel, so the rest of the group scurries into Monica's room. Joey reveals that he stowed a box full of supplies under Monica's bed, filled with candy bars, word puzzles, magazines, and condoms because of the time when Ross and Rachel broke up and they were all stuck in Monica's bedroom all night with no food. Joey says, "When Ross said 'Rachel' at the wedding, I figured it was going to happen again." In the living room Ross tries to deliver the news to Rachel but in a letter from her parents she discovers that her childhood dog, LaPooh, has died. Later, at the coffee shop, Ross again tries to tell Rachel about his agreement with Emily, but is cut short when she gets a nose bleed. Rachel tells him, "Don't worry, this happened when my Grampa died too." Back at the apartment, Rachel has kleenex stuffed up her nose when Ross bursts in and finally tells her. Rachel storms out of the apartment. Later, Rachel reveals to the group, sans Ross, that she thinks she's gonna be Kip, Chandler's old roommate who used to date Monica. After they broke up, they couldn't even be in the same room together, and eventually Kip got phased out. Rachel is convinced that now she'll be the one to go, even though she always thought it would be Phoebe. Rachel to Phoebe, "You're not related, you live far away. You lift right out." Later, at the girls' apartment, Rachel pleads with Phoebe to forgive her "lifting out remark" and Ross comes over to talk to Rachel about being Kip. He tells her that he's the one who made this decision, so if anyone's going to be Kip, it's going to be him. B-Story: Monica and Chandler conspire to spend a weekend away together, each making up a story that they have to go to a conference in New Jersey. They arrive at the hotel for their weekend getaway, but Monica insists on switching rooms when she discovers lipstick on one of the glasses. Chandler is engrossed in a high speed chase being broadcast on TV, and grows more irritated with each room Monica turns down. He and the bell hop bond over the chase while Monica scours each room for faults. When she finally settles on one, Chandler discovers that the chase has ended and he missed the explosive ending. The two are at odds with one another, and the weekend is cut short as Monica storms out. Returning home, Chandler tells Joey his conference was terrible, although he did see Donald Trump waiting for an elevator. Joey later confronts Chandler when the hotel calls and says an eyelash curler was left in his room. After their lousy weekend, Chandler figures their romance is over, but Monica tells him it was only a fight, not the end of their relationship. Everyone is gathered at the girls' apartment when Phoebe asks Monica about seeing Donald Trump waiting for an elevator at her convention. Joey gets a quizzical look on his face as he has a deja vu moment, feeling like he heard that same thing somewhere before. Then Monica asks to borrow Rachel's eyelash curler since she lost hers. Joey finally puts it all together and his eyes go wide as the realization hits him. Chandler instantly pounces on him and drags him into Monica's bedroom before he can utter a word. Monica follows close behind, and she and Chandler struggle to convince Joey that he can't tell anyone. He reluctantly agrees and the secret remains safe.
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