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The One In Vegas Part II
Picking back up at the casino, Chandler threatens to leave since Monica is ignoring him and discussing their problems, concentrating on the craps table. She is on an extraordinary winning streak, and after the two make up, Chandler joins her at the table. At each throw of the dice, Chandler ups the ante, from steak dinners to the hotel's best suite, to getting married. Eventually, they end up at a wedding chapel, determined to go through with it. Meanwhile, Rachel has discovered the drawing on her face and can't wash it off. Refusing to leave the hotel room with ink all over her face, Ross tries to make it up to her by bringing Vegas to their room. Rachel breaks open the mini-bar, putting it on Ross's tab, and the two proceed to make their way through all the alcohol they can find. Soon they're pretty tipsy, and Rachel finally agrees to leave the hotel room - on one condition. She draws all over Ross's face so they both look like freaks and they head out to find more drinks. By the end of the night they are both blind drunk.
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